Sviluppatore Integrazione

Sono uno sviluppatore di integrazione di talento con quasi 5 anni di esperienza. Mi piace creare flussi di lavoro personalizzati per integrare diversi tipi di dati, così come accoppiare quei dati con belle applicazioni per aiutare a digerire. Ho familiarità con molti linguaggi e stack: Python, MySQL, SQL Server, SSIS, PHP MVC, React e Wordpress.

📃 Curriculum Vitae 👋 Contattami
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  • ago 2011 - mag 2015

    Diploma di Core 40

    Warren Central High School
    Indianapolis, IN

    Graduated top 10% of my class. Member of Robotics Team (10), Marching Band (9-12), Symphonic Band (10), Honors Band (11), National Honors Society (10-12). Notable Courses: Java Programming I & II, Web Development... View Info

  • gen 2016 - dic 2017

    Certificato in Sviluppo Web

    Purdue University (IUPUI)
    Indianapolis, IN

    The certification track for PHP web development. ... View Info

  • gen 2016 - mag 2018

    B.Sc. in Tecnologia dell'Informazione

    Purdue University (IUPUI)
    Indianapolis, IN

    Con la massima distinzione. Dean's List All Semesters. Recipient of the Alan Stanford Scholarship. Speciality: Data Management ... View Info

  • mag 2017 - lug 2017

    Summer Technology Assistant

    MSD Warren Township
    Indianapolis, IN

    For IUPUI, I needed to fulfill an internship credit, I chose to go back to my former school district and help out in technology. I performed data entry, data cleanup, and mass device setup and cleanup.... View Info

  • lug 2017 - mag 2018

    Tech Support I

    MSD Warren Township
    Indianapolis, IN

    I was hired on part-time to continue my career in the MSD of Warren Township; I was assigned three buildings in our district to complete technology work orders which could include: troubleshooting a multitude of devices from laptop, projector, smart board, iPad, or chromebook; pickup of broken devices for repair, help students at the high school with ChromeDesk.... View Info

  • mag 2018 - Presente

    Systems Integration Developer

    MSD Warren Township
    Indianapolis, IN

    Near the completion of my college career, I was more proficient in creating applications. I was promoted to this position to create custom-built applications that could integrate with our already existing student information system, asset manager, and ticketing system. These apps would vary between internal-use tech department tools, to full district-wide adoption. I built a custom API, and tracking system to be able to monitor and debug issues. Efficiency, ease-of-use and simplicity are my building blocks for my applications and I use these blocks to maintain data integrity for the tech department but give staff a great experience when they need to perform their operations. [The header image at the top of this page on desktop shows screenshots of some of the apps I have developed].... View Info

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