• Python

    Python is one of my favorite languages! I have used it for several years in projects ranging from Web Dev to Data Science.


    In Practice

    • Django Beginner

      I started learning Django in 2021, as part of a volunteer project.

    • Pandas Intermediate

      I love using Pandas for loading csvs and manipulating them for ETL or data science.

  • Web Development

    My current occupation started out as a full-stack web developer, before transitioning more into data integrations.


    In Practice

    • PHP Advanced

      I graduated from IUPUI with a certificate in Web Development which had a heavy focus on Advanced PHP Development.

    • HTML5 / CSS / JS Advanced

      I haven't settled on a particular front-end yet, but I still am great with the original languages.

    • Gatsby.js Intermediate

      This website! I learned this new framework in 2021 to expand my horizons.

  • Cybersecurity

    A fascinating cat-and-mouse game between the defenders and the attackers.


    In Practice

    • Malware Analysis Beginner

      Starting Dec 2021, I have setup a malware analysis lab and began to dissect and report on indicators of compromise for malware.

    • Penetration Testing Intermediate

      I am active on both TryHackMe and HackTheBox for experience in penetration testing and vulnerability scanning on simulated virtual machines.

  • SQL

    Most modern architectures rely on some sort of database backend.


    In Practice

    • SQL Server + SSIS Packages Advanced

      My main SQL architecture. I am experienced in creating SSIS packages with Visual Studio for ETL processes.

    • MySQL Intermediate

      MySQL was the first db architecture that I used. Very similar to SQL Server with some slight nuances.

  • Language

    Learning a new language is a beautiful and thrilling experience that connects you to an entirely new set of people and cultures.


    In Practice

    • Italian Beginner

      I have been learning Italian for the past few years! I am at a conversational level, with more proficiency towards reading / writing.

    • Spanish Beginner

      Basic understanding, mostly reading / writing focus

  • Soft Skills

    Some skills are not as easily quantifiable but still important. Here are my top 3.

    In Practice

    • Willingness to Learn

      I absolutely love growing and tackling new experiences. Most recently, I have been increasing both defensive and offensive security skills such as Incident Response and Penetration Testing.

    • Problem Solving

      Programming can be like solving a puzzle. I love when you discover something new and need to find a solution!

    • Effective Communication

      One thing I love doing alongside coding is documentation. Creating detailed docs is a fantastic toolset that enhances everyone's experience around a product.

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